ATHENS, Ga. -- As if the beating they took on the field wasn't bad enough -- certainly not a stellar game for quarterback Aaron Murray -- when Murray and his teammates returned from South Carolina to their shared house on Georgia's campus at 3:30 a.m. that morning, they discovered it had been egged and toilet papered.

Murray's roomate, linebacker Christian Robinson tweeted, 'Came to a house that was egged and rolled. Seems that people turn on you when you're not perfect. Thought we were in this together.'

Robinson talked to UGA's student tv station. "You think home is like a safe place but then you get back, and you hope people wouldn't be that aggressive, but it was a rough game."

Video shot by Grady Newsource doesn't show a picture of the house at the request of Murray and his teammates. Murray has always had an unlisted phone number to protect him from overzealous fans.

But sunday made saturday seem like nothing. That's when Murray's parents told him his father Dennis has thyroid cancer and surgery was set for monday.

Murray tweeted, 'Probably the worst 12 hours of my life but I know my family will push through. Keep my dad in your prayers please."

Murray drove to Florida and this afternoon his sister Stephanie tweeted,'My daddy is the strongest person I know! So blessed his surgery went well!"

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