Largely unknown, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for president.

13WMAZ's David Earl spoke with Johnson by phone from California where he was preparing for a rally Monday afternoon.

Johnson spoke about how he came to be a Libertarian saying,"I've always been a Libertarian. It's the notion that the government shouldn't be in the bedroom. Government shouldn't be making a whole lot of decisions they do in our lives."

Johnson was governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, a state that is largely Democratic. He said he sees support for Libertarian views growing.

"I really think there's a strong Libertarian contingency that exists everywhere," said Johnson.

Hewent on to say, "I think it's the fastest growing segment of American politics today, and speaking with a broad brushstroke, that's the notion of being fiscally-responsible, socially-accepting."

Johnson alsoexplained briefly the Libertarian view on topics that interest many voters.

"How does that equate to today's issues? Well, it's not bombing Iran, it's ending our military intervention, so getting out of Afghanistan and bringing our troops home now, it;s marriage equality - I believe it is a constitutionally guaranteed right, it's ending the drug wars and repealing the Patriot Act, never signing the defense authorization act, it's balancing the federal budget now and reforming the tax system, in this case I'm embracing the fair tax, and that does come out of Georgia."

Johnson has notbeen allowed to participate in any of the presidential debates.

We asked him if he wished he could be there Monday night in Boca Raton. "Yes, of course,"Johnson replied. "And we filed suit to debate them and I think I have been unfairly excluded. I would like to say it's one thing to say I've been unfairly excluded, it's another thing to file a lawsuit to that extent and I have done that."

Johnson said he has watched all the debates, but it seems like "much to-do about nothing" to him.

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