The presidential election is two weeks away and Monday night President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met in their final debate before the election.

The debate was supposed to be about foreign policy, but both candidates strayed from the topic.

Local Democrat Danny Glover and local Republican Jason Downey sat down with 13WMAZ's Randall Savage to watch the debate.
When it comes to foreign policy, Downey says he's not impressed with what President Obama has shown in the last four years, butGlover disagrees.

Danny Glover said the breast cancer awareness bracelet President Obama wore during the debate sent a message that he was more in touch with younger voters,more than his opponent Governor Mitt Romney. Jason Downey says that's would he would say too if his candidate was down in the polls in swing states like Iowa and Ohio.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th.
Early voting is already underway in Georgia.