A backed-up toilet forced a school office and four classes at L.H. Williams Elementary to move temporarily.

According to a letter to parents from principalDr. Shandrina Griffin-Stewart, the classes were only moved for an hour while the rooms were cleaned. The school's office will be set up in the media center through the rest of the week, and the carpet will be replaced "as soon as possible."

The Macon-Bibb County Health Department gave school officials permission to continue serving food because that area was not affected by the spill.

Here is the text from the letter that was sent to parents:

Williams Elementary Parents,

The school experienced a toilet back up today, Monday, October 22, 2012 in the school's office area. The school district has taken the following actions to address this situation:

  • The maintenance department contacted Rainbow International to immediately clean up the liquid spill and dry the area.
  • Rainbow International will remove the contaminated carpet later this week. New carpet will be installed as soon as possible.
  • The four classrooms located near the spill zone were relocated for 1 hour to allow Rainbow International to treat the spill area.
  • The school contacted the school food service department and they contacted the Macon Bibb County Health Department. The Health Department gave permission for the food to continue to be served on a normal schedule because the food service area was unaffected by the spill.
  • The school's office operations have been relocated to the media center for the rest of this week (October 22-26, 2012). The school office staff will be fully operational next week.

The teaching and learning process will continue on a normal schedule. Students will enter the building through the Kindergarten/First grade halls. Support staff and safety patrollers will assist students with this modified entry.

Thanks for your support of this process.


Dr. Shandrina Griffin-Stewart

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