David Cooke, challenger in the Bibb County District Attorney's race, stepped up his attacks on incumbent Greg Winters Tuesday.

Cooke held a news conference to release a list of cases prosecuted by Winters. The listsays 12 out of 14 murder cases and all eight rape cases prosecuted by Winters were dismissed.

"You see they are all a particular kind of crime. They stretch across the kinds of crimes that affect us the most and on all of them there's a really, really high dismissal rate and you have to admit looking at it it's pretty startling," says Cooke.

He said Winters isn't doing enough to protect the people who need it the most.

Cooke released hisrecord on the cases he has prosecuted, he says he's closed fifty-two felony murder cases, and hasn't dismissed any.

We could not verify those records released by Cooke, but Greg Winters says his opponent doesn't have his facts straight.

He says at least six murder cases on Cooke's list aren't murder cases at all. He says two of them were dismissed because law enforcement arrested the wrong person, and two cases were dismissed because they didn't happen in the Macon Judicial Circuit.

"There are a number of things that you have to do on cases, that one may look and appear to be my case, but in all actuality are not. Again, if you're going to release information you want to make sure it's accurate. If I'm going to comment on anything about my opponent, I'm going to make sure it's accurate. I'm not going to put it out there and hope that nobody finds out I'm not telling the truth," says Winters.

Winters says, as far as he knows, Cooke has not filed an open records request on any of his cases. But, he says, Cooke is welcome to do so.

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