This time of year is always a lot of fun, especially when we take a break to watch some scary movies. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes a flick good around Halloween so we figured we'd give you the chance to sound off on it.

You've narrowed the field from 32 great scary movies down to the Final Four: The Exorcist, Halloween, Friday the 13th and The Shining.

The winner of this round goes to the Finals!



Cast your vote for your favorites in each round until a winner is crowned on Halloween! Just like in basketball, there are four regions with ranked seeds in each.

Here are your match-ups:

#1 The Exorcist vs. #1 Halloween

The Exorcist took the Devils & Demons region in a close race with A Nightmare on Elm Street. Halloween took it to The Ring, winning The Supernaturals region handily.

William Friedkin, who earlier helmed The French Connection, won an Oscar for The Exorcist, directing based on the script by William Peter Blatty, which Blatty adapted from the novel he wrote. Rumors abound that the set of the movie was cursed because of on-set incidents.

Prior to Halloween, director John Carpenter's resume was pretty thin. But he would go on to establish himself as an artful filmmaker, even as most of his films flopped at the box office. He's was an uncredited writer on Halloween III, the only in the series without the menacing Michael Myers.

#2 Friday the 13th vs. #1 The Shining

In a tight race, Jason Voorhees out-slashed Norman Bates, giving his long-running Friday the 13th series an upset victory over the #1 seed Psycho. Leatherface was no match for Steven King-'s The Shining, which was the hands-down winner.

Friday the 13th is the story of a little boy with developmental problems who drowned because camp counselors ignored him, and what happens when he's resurrected to exact revenge on counselors who aren't taking their responsibilities seriously.

Likewise, The Shining is a cautionary tale about the dangers of of working too much. What's the saying? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Well, that or an ax murderer. Either way, next time you plan a vacation, try not to have the hotel to yourself.

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