On Halloween night, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles put sex offenders who are on parole on house arrest.

"They were not to take part in any trick or treat activities or any Halloween activities. The porch light should be off, no candy, no decorations in the yard," said Chief Parole Officer, James Bergman.

He said they take take those precautions every year. This year, it applied to about 32 parolees in the Central Georgia area.

"It's a time when sex offenders could potentially prey on children, so we want to make sure we're watching those folks very closely to make sure they're not in a position where they can violate a child."

Bergman says his officers were out making sure parolees followed the rules, and according to the Bibb Sheriff's Office, two deputies were also checking on known sex offenders. But Bergman says people can take some action on their own.

"One thing they can do is check the GBI sex offender website" he said. "There's a registry they can access and see who the sex offenders in their area are. They can access the exact addresses where they live."

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