JONESBORO, Ga. (WXIA) -- The 40 metro Atlanta students who were stranded in New York by Hurricane Sandy arrived home safely Thursday.

The Jonesboro High School and Atlanta International School students weathered the storm in their Brooklyn hotel after a mock trial competition over the weekend. The Jonesboro team came in fourth in the world.

"It was a little scary at times, but out coaches took care of us and we knew that they had everything under control," said Jonesboro High student Kiara Scott.

"I knew they were fine, I knew they were good," said her mother Luella Scott. "It's just for my child to go through a hurricane without me, it's just a little nerve-racking."

The students never lost food or water, but they couldn't get a flight back home after the storm, so they chartered a bus back.

Their long journey ended with a flurry of hugs and kisses.

The students got to take the day off and go home with their families, but they will be back in class Friday.

Clayton County Schools and the Atlanta International School plan to split the cost of the charter, which is about $5,000.

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