New Tampa, Florida (WTSP) -- A 10-foot alligator, just feet away from the front door, surprised a man and his son.

Gators have always been a part of the Easton Park neighborhood in New Tampa. But it's not often the cold-blooded creatures get this close and personal.

Tom Strocchio captured video from the window of his home as trappers and police quickly arrived to wrangle the gator.

When we first moved in here, we started seeing the gators in the back yard," said Strocchio. "It had to be like 400 pounds or something."

When the trapper got a rope around it, the gator started going into a death roll.

It took about about 15 minutes for the trapper to tire out the gator before she could tape its mouth shut.

Since this alligator was bigger than seven feet, it was put down.

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