Two women with a passion for pets are teaming up this weekend to adopt out as many dogs as possible.

The adopt-a-thon takes place in Perry, and the ladeis could have the perfect pooch for your family.

Tammy Knowland, who runs the Peach County Animal Rescue and Alyssa Hillis who owns the Canine Clubhouse came-up with the idea.

Between the two of them, the ladies care for 36 dogs.

Knowland keeps most of them at her Peach County farm, but Hillis fosters a handful.

Saturday, all the pups will be available for adoption.

Hillis said, "We decided to have a really big adopt-a-thon here, so people can find the place easier and socialize with the dogs in a family-friendly environment."

The event is this Saturday, November 10th at the Canine Clubhouse on Kellwood Drive in Perry, just across from the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter.

Knowland said, "We've got some great dogs, a great variety of dogs: from ones that want to run every morning, to just watching TV on the couch, your favorite couch potato."

The event runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Call 478-224-2640 for more information.

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