MACON, Ga.--This weekend both of the Mercer basketball teams kickoff their regular seasons at the University Center.

Friday nightthe women tip-off against Brevard in their homecoming game.

Right off the bat the Bears had a rough time, losing a third of their squad to injuries in the pre-season, including two of their leading scorers.

With dwindling numbers Head Coach Susie Gardner says they have brought in football players for practice to go up against the women.

Gardener says it all worked out at the right time since the guys don't officially have a season this year andthe women needed extra folks on the floor.

"They can help us make a pass with a little more zip on it because we have to get it past their deflection," Gardener said."They are division one student athletes so they know what it takes to listen to a coach and to be on time and know the discipline we're asking for."

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