For a moment, the classroom was shocked and confused. Then everyone understood.

Ms. Vicki Smith won this week's My Teacher is Tops and it was time for a celebration.

This all happened because a 5th grade student, Isis Fleming, nominated her favorite teacher.

Even after teaching for almost 17 years at Russell Elementary in Warner Robins, she never thought that she would ever receive this award.

"I was stunned, absolutely stunned. I can't believe it, I'm still so shocked," says Ms. Smith.

Ms. Smith enjoys reading to her classroomand teaches by using hands-on activities.

Most of all, she makes the classroom fun by playing many games.

"Most of the time we only play games. When we do math sometimes we do Jeopardy," says 5th graderJhiem Abrom.

Another student,Tomaya Brown says they like to hum the Jeopardy theme song when students have to answer questions.

Students say Ms. Smith has a way of making each student feel special.

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