In one of the biggest college football games of the year, 13WMAZ caught up with Central Georgians watching the game at Jocks and Jills Sports Grill in Macon.

Football fans watched the game with baited breath and their eyes glued to the screen.

"It's gonna be the game of a lifetime, it'll be the experience of a lifetime," said Robert Lott, a Georgia fan.

While the Macon restaurant had many Bulldog fans, there were a few Crimson Tide fans that braved watching the game in Georgia territory.

One of those 'Bama fans was Heather Gallegos.

"Both teams have had a really good season so I won't be surprised if Georgia wins it," said Gallegos. "I root for Georgia but I am an Alabama fan so either way but I would be really really glad if Alabama wins."

While both sides wanted their team to win, it's watching the SEC Championship game with those who love football.

"You get together with your friends and family you just got a great atmosphere if you can't be at the game it's the next best thing," said Lott.