Ms. Katherine Neal is a third grade teacher at Wilkinson County Elementary School and is this week's My Teacher is Tops winner.

Ms. Neal was speechless and so were her students.

Ms. Neal has been teaching for 13 years, seven of those at Wilkinson County Elementary. Her specialty is making math fun.

"You have to put the bigger number on top and the lower number on the bottom and we have to subtract it," says student Chloe Garrett when asked aboutsubtraction.

Third grader Hanna Austin was more excited to learn multiplication, especially the 12 times table. "In the ones, you have to count by twos. Next you have to count by ones, start from zero and count to one, two, and three all the way to 12," she says.

The third grade teacher has made most of her students a fan of math, a subject she was once afraid of.

"I hated math when I was in third grade, I was terrified of it. I'm trying not to pass my fear onto my students. I want them to be successful," says Ms. Neal.

"She always goes over stuff and helps us a lot with stuff, with math and stuff," adds Alana Murphy who nominated her teacher for the award.

Her students say it's Ms. Neal's kindness and patience that makes her a special teacher.

"She won't let us not understand it," says Garrett.

"I try to teach the whole child. I know we are focused on testing but there's a lot more to it. They need to know that they're loved," says Ms. Neal.