A Wilkinson County man was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to killing another man two ears ago.

Zachary Allen Beck was sentenced Wednesday in Wilkinson County Superior Court, according to Fred Bright, district attorney.

He was charged with killing 54-year-old Ronnie Rozier two years ago this week.

Rozier was found dead in his home, sitting on his couch, on Parker Springs Church Road.

Bright said Beck was addicted to painkillers and sometimes borrowed money from Rozier.

When Rozier refused to lend him $60 that night, Bright said, Beck shot him five times and stole $300 from his wallet.

Beck was arrested in Savannah the next day and later confessed to the shooting, Bright said.

His trial got under way Tuesday in Irwinton, and eight witnesses for the prosecution testified that day.

Wednesday morning, Beck announced that he wanted to plead guilty, said the DA.

He was sentenced to life in prison, with possible parole, on the malice murder charged plus 20 years, to be served at the same time, for armed robbery.

"We were very pleased with outcome of the case. We feel that justice was served here," said Bright.

He said Rozier's family and local law enforcement supported the plea deal.