More than a dozen volunteers came together to start making quilts for the Newtown victims Saturday morning in Byron.

13WMAZ talked to Julie Love earlier in January about the project she spearheaded to make green and white individualized quilts for the Newtown victims.

Love said she has received countless phone calls and emails about this project. And people have wanted to help from sewing the quilt to donating cloth and batting for it.

"I think internally it's healing it's self healing to them, you look at the news and you think gosh I wish there was something I can do I wish there was something I can do and here is something you can do and it really does heal," said Love.

A few volunteers came that have never made a quilt before just for the chance to be part of the project.

"The overwhelming feeling that I had just to come out and put the love into these quilts I mean there is nothing we can do about what happened but we can share our love and know that we are thinking about them," said Joan Ray of Bullard.

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