Hundreds lined up at the Macon Centreplex for the Eastman's Gun Show Saturday.

Gary Fowler of Milledgeville said he didn't expect the crowds, because at the last gun show it wasn't nearly as packed.

"Just before December they have a gun show I came over just looking if I could find anything new and we just walked right in we didn't have a line or anything," said Fowler. "But today I would say the wait just to get inside would probably be just an hour an hour and 15 minutes."

Some attendees tell 13WMAZ that the most popular item was ammunition.

"I paid about 300 dollars for 500 rounds and this is a very popular round and yes it's a very good price right now," said Alexander of Perry.

"I waited in line for two hours just to buy ammo and that was just handgun ammo 223 ammo for the AR's they are just about out," said Will Ballard of Warner Robins.

And a few said they think the political climate made many come to the shows.

"The weapons bill ban that they're trying to, Feinstein is trying to pass," said Ballard. "I guess the fear of our government you know people stocking up on ammo weapons before the ban takes affect if it does. "

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