The Super Bowl and chicken wings go hand-in-hand, but this year there might not be enough to go around.

That's because of a surge in wing prices.

This year, you're paying an average price of $1.86 a pound.

Two years ago, you could get them for almost a dollar or less.

And this weekend alone, the National Chicken Council says 1.23 billion wing segments -- the drums and other flat pieces -- will be consumed at restaurants and Super Bowl parties.

But this doesn't seem to slow down local hot spot Francar's Buffalo Wings off Linden Ave.

"We've seen that the orders have gone down though. Instead of people ordering 200-300 wings at a time for Super Bowl. They may order 60, 80, or just 100. We'll see how that plays out," says owner Carl Fambro.

Wing prices have jumped 14 percent over the past year and Fambro says he doesn't see it coming down.

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