Beyonce's Super Bowl performance was so explosive, she may have even blew the lights out. See what fellow celebrities had to say.

Stars weighed in on Twitter with their reactions to Beyoncé's Super Bowl show. Here are some highlights:

Justin Timberlake: Yes, B. Yes. Roasted that... #KINGBEY

Carrie Underwood: ...and @Beyonce just made all the rest of us singers look stupid! In the most awesome way possible! Way to work it! #BestEverHalftimeShow

Oprah: BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Hyland: Um. Why can't I be beyonce? #themthighs

Sophia Bush: Beyonce is my church #Preach

Carson Daly: Please nipple gate come back

Samuel L. Jackson: I'm in the DON'T GIVE A F**K IF IT'S PRE-RECORDED OR NOT club!! B's putting' in WURK!!!!

Joel McHale: So THAT'S where the other two members of Destiny's Child have been: trapped in pneumatic tubes beneath the SuperDome.

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Steve Martin: Congrats to Beyonce, famous for her appearance with me in Pink Panther I.

Bill Maher: I saw an ad for scientology, i joined, and then Destiny's Child reunited! That shit works - thanks, Tom Cruise!

Tom Bergeron: Half-time show had it all. Beyonce, Destiny's Child, a John Forsythe voice cameo and Beyonce hair extension souvenirs for fast-acting fans!

Kirstie Alley: think Beyonce show used too many volts? #blackout

Alec Baldwin: Destiny's Child blew the power out with their curling irons...

And, Baldwin tweeted: The MVP of the Super Bowl rhymes w fiancé.....

Star Jones: The next chick that tries to do halftime show at a #SuperBowl is going to have to FLY around the stadium 'cause @beyonce kilt it forever.

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