Fort Valley State University has been part of Peach County's history for over 100 years. Around campus, one Fort Valley woman is known to be the walking history expert.

Her name is Wilmetta Jackson and you could find her in the archives room in the library. Her journey to Fort Valley started about 60 years ago, as an 18-year-old freshman from Philadelphia.

"I was kind of trying to find myself and trying to see what I could appreciate," said Jackson. "I knew I was having a new experience and I knew I was going to make my parents proud."

She said college was full of fun memories like the annual Ham and Egg Show.

"It was held in the academic building in the auditorium the smell of those hams all over the building," said Jackson.

She said that it was through getting involved in the university's alumni association that she realized that she could remember facts. Jackson said that combined with her being part of the community for 60 years helped her become an expert on the university.

"I realize that everything is not on paper not everything that takes place is actually documented it somehow some things slip through the cracks," said Jackson. "I am kind of consumed with the knowledge of being one of the person's present at a specific moment."

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