If you're trying to learn a new word today, we have a big one for you.

"Sesquicentennial" is an adjective, of or relating to the 150th anniversary of an event.

One committee in Macon is taking a look back in time, in light of the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

A sign marking Civil War-era churches in Macon was unveiled today as one part of a larger project, designed to educate Macon citizens and tourists.

"This [marker] tells the story of the churches that were here at the time," said Conie Mac Darnell, of the Macon Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee. "One hundred fifty years ago, there were a number of Protestant churches. There was a Jewish congregation. There was a Catholic congregation. The Protestant congregations included three African American churches, so we have quite a heritage."

Five more historical markers are slated to be placed in downtown Macon over the next six months.

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