What started with one stuffed animal turned into a makeshift memorial for three children who died in a house fire.

"We don't have to have a death in the community to come together, we should come together on many occasions. It just hurts that this has to be the occasion everybody comes together like this," says Kiana Rhymes, who lives across the street.

Jermaine Smith says he's stopped by the house "ever since it happened, we've been over with the balloons and everything."

The front yard was covered with memories of the children, all under the age of ten.

The only survivor is three-year old, J'lon Williams, who was released from the Augusta Burn Center Wednesday afternoon.

"Idon't know if he even knows anything right now. I don't even know how to tell him," says mother Coletha Williams.

With streets blocked off, about 300 lit up the night in honor of the three children.

The candlelight vigil started in prayer and song. Then teachers took to the podium to remember the children in story.

There was not a dry eye during the vigil, as the neighborhood copes with what many say feels like the loss of a family member.

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