The grass is a little greener and the snack bar at the Bowden Golf Course is a little different, too.

The changes are just in time for next week's Cherry Blossom Golf Tournament.

Bowden is using a new treatment system to paint the fairways.

A South Carolina based company called Geoponics gave 250 gallons of treatment to Bowden.

The process is a substitute for over-seeding and costs around $14,000.

Tournament golfers will also notice a new snack bar at the course.

It features new tables and chairs, and a counter where golfers can take a break from the game.

Bowden General Manager Nathan Caffarelli says,"A lot of the people who play in the tournament just usually come and play in this tournament and don't come back until next March, so the goal is to get these one timers back."

The Cherry Blossom Golf Tournament is next weekend, March 16 and 17.

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