"This metal roof, we added the rest of the Mage panels. And what you see there are the pool heating panels," says homeowner Griffin Lovett.

His historic Dublin home is about 100-years-old and still getting upgrades. All modifications are on the roof.

"There are 28 MageAC panels. I'm just trying to see if we can reduce the power consumption of a house this size," he says.

Lovett looked to the sun for answers. He spent about $35,000 to install solar panels from Mage Solar.

"We are doing an experiment to just see because you never know until you actually do it," Lovett says.

Mage Solar is a German company with a plant located in Laurens County.

"Solar works and it really works for people. And people that find it are usually surprised by it, no different than I was when I did my system at home," says Mage Solar president Joe Thomas.

From street lights to high schools going solar, the company planted roots in the Emerald City two years ago.

"The sun is going to be here longer than any of us in this room and probably any of us in the city will be around, so why shouldn't we utilize this resource?," says Amy Harrelson, the Mage Solar Academy director.

When relying on the sun for energy, the goal is to save money while going green.

"So you've got a load that goes on your house. What you do with solar is your daytime load you either cut back or eliminate," says Thomas.

Before Lovett made the investment, he installed a new roof to ensure his house can soak in the rays long-term.

The panels were installed a month ago and only took a weekend to complete.

He's been tracking his electricity bill to see changes, but it's too early to tell.

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