No bond was set Thursday for the Macon mother facing murder charges in a fire that killed three of her children.

Colethia Williams made a brief appearance before Bibb County Magistrate Judge Jane Reeves at the Bibb County jail.

She shook her head when Reeves asked if she understood the charges against her. Reeves said she could not set bond on the case and set a March 29 commitment hearing where the case against Williams would be laid out.

Police say Williams was apparently not home when the fire broke out around 1:30 a.m., on Sunday, Feb. 24.

A news release Wednesday said Williams left four youngsters alone "long enough for a structure fire to engulf the residence."

The fire happened on James Street in Macon.

Three children died: Daija, age 7; Nykhiya, age 10; and Jammarian, age 9.

The fourth child, 3-year-old J'Lon, suffered burns and was taken to the Augusta Burn Center for several days.

Williams faces three counts of felony murder, four counts of child cruelty in the second degree and one count of felony false statements.

Fire Chief Marvin Riggins said he believes the fire on James Street was accidental. It apparently broke out in a room where nobody was sleeping.

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