The pinkest street party on the planet was moved inside by organizers due to weather. But those who came to dance the night away said the weather didn't dampen the fun of Cherry Blossom's street party.

"The lights are awesome, you get the acoustics that you wouldn't get outside plus you got ready access to the restroom," said ZeEster Clyatt of Macon.

"I think it's better being inside than it was before you got the dance floor compared to the pavement it's great," said Kimberly Wilder of Macon.

Some street party-goers said while they weren't dancing in the street, they did so in spirit.

"It is a great time everybody is excited, everybody is happy to be out it is awesome I would say get out here and have a good time," said Fawna Hollingsworth of Warner Robins. "Rock on!"

And some say the food was pretty good, too.

"I tried the pull pork with the whiskey Tennessee sauce," said Jeannie Hartman of Warner Robins. "That was awesome!"

Sunday will be the last day of the Cherry Blossom festival.

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