A safe containing more than $5,000 was stolen from the Nu-Way restaurant on Emery Highway over the weekend, according to a Macon police report.

The restaurant is closed on Sundays. That's when a worker, who was there to clean the grease pans, realized that what he thought was food was actually glass all over the floor.

He told police he found a brick on a bench in the dining room and a hole in the front window.

However, the reporting officer noted that the hole in the window was "so small that a person could not have climbed through" and there were no signs that anyone entered the business any other way.

According to the report, all the outside doors were locked but the office door had been kicked in and the safe was stolen.

Spyros Dermatas, owner of Nu-Way, told police that only four people, including himself, had a key to the restaurant: a manager, a closing supervisor and the employee who cleaned the grease pans.

Macon police detectives and the crime lab took over the investigation.

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