Former Bibb County Commissioner Chairman and retired Deputy Police Chief, Charles Bishop wants to be mayor of the new consolidated government.

He made his announcement Monday afternoon at Macon City Hall.

Bishop says people need to be able to trust who they put in office.

"A lot of people in Macon think the citizens in Macon want a hand out. They don''t want a hand out. They want a hands up. They want a job. So we've got to create jobs. We've got to create jobs in retail. We've got to create good paying jobs so that our young people in particular are trained to go to college and don't have to go to Atlanta or New York to find a job," says Bishop.

Bishop says he believes in growing the tax base rather than increasing taxes.

Current Bibb Commission Chair Sam hart, current Macon mayor Robert Reichert and former mayor C. Jack Ellis also say they're running for the top spot in the new consolidated government.

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