Former Houston County probation officer Russell Holt, accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Jessica Wolf was in court Monday.

Holt's attorney, Franklin Hogue filed twelve motions. Proceedings took longer than three hours.

Hogue says he filed for a change of venue because of the connection both Jessica Wolfe and Russell Holt had to the courthouse. Wolfe worked in the District Attorney's office, and as a probation officer, Holt was in and out of the courthouse.

"My concern is that we'll get here and spend a day or two in jury selection and not be able to find twelve jurors who haven't formed an opinion about my client's guilt," explains Hogue.

He gave an alternative. If the judge rules not to move venues, he suggested a different courthouse in the same town. "If we're in this very building everyday, it could have an influence, a subtle subliminal influence on jurors," says Hogue.

Judge Tilman Self met with Hogue after the hearing to discuss logistics in relocating the trial in Houston County. Nothing, in regard to a new location was decided.

Hogue also asked the judge to throw out Holt's interrogation tapes. He says his client never waived his right to a lawyer and even asked for one, but his request went unanswered. He was interviewed by police without one.

Hogue says that was a violation of his fifth amendment right.

He says Holt was interviewed by police, then the police walked out and the tape continued to record. At that point Holt talked to himself and a little while later police returned to continue questioning.

Judge Self agreed the interrogation tapes should be thrown out, but questioned the tapes of Holt talking to himself. He said technically at that moment he wasn't be interrogated. Hogue disagreed.

Judge Self asked Hogue to prove admitting the tapes of Holt talking to himself in the interrogation room is a violation of his fifth amendment right by Friday.

No decision was made today in court.

Holt's trial is set for the end of this month.