Houston County is holding a public auction this week, and there are all kinds of items on their list to sell.

"Most of the stuff right here is surplus by the departments," explains Mark Baker, Purchasing Agent forHouston County'sBoard of Commissioners.

From flat screen computer screens, televisions and printers, to hub caps, bumper guards and cars, these are the kinds of items you can find for sale at the auction.

"Several of these vehicleshave good parts on them, some of them run." says Baker.

Not all the vehicles work, but that doesn't stop the sale.Baker says they've had taxi cab companies buy cars from them in the past. With a little work they can add the cars to their fleet.

"We've got a van that runs, that you can haul passengers in or you can take the seats out and use it as a cargo van," says Baker.

They're also auctioning off a lawn mower, generator and several trucks.

Some items were brought in by the sheriff's department, because no one ever claimed them. Other items wind up in this warehouse because other departments in the county don't use them anymore.

You'll have the chance to buy them at Houston County's auction Thursday.

"We'll auction off to the highest bidder if it brings five dollars, fifty dollars or a hundred dollars."

The county brings in a professional auctioneer who will set the price of each item.

If you're not sure there's anything here for you, you can come the day before the auction to check it out.
All The money raised will go into the county's general fund.

The Auction isThursday at the Houston County Warehouse at 2022 Kings Chapel Road in Perry. That's next to the courthouse.

Registration starts at 9AM.

You can preview the itemsWednesday between 1PM-4PM.

You can find a list of all the items being auctioned by going to the county's website.

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