Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful is finding ways to clean up the city, and this time, they're targeting the litter problem.

For some drivers, the roadside is a quick-fix to rid trash.

"Litter is unwanted trash that is thrown out on highways, roadways, that is not put in the proper place which would be in a trash can," says executive director of KMBB Pam Carswell.

Of the litter found on roadways, cigarette butts make up 40-percent. "They're not biodegradable so they are goingto be there for many many years," she says.

It's followed by paper and plasticsays a survey conducted by Keep America Beautiful.

"It's our litter bugs that's the problem. It's the people that are putting the trash on the ground. That is our problem," Carswell says.

She released a PSA to help residents take responsibility for their community as part of the effort to keep Macon clean.

"When people drive through any time of the year, we want them to have a good impression on our city, that it's clean and that it's a great place to come and visit," she says.

Carswell says instead of dumping litter on the side of the road, carry a trash bag inside your car to dispose later.

She says KMBB taught all elementary schools in Bibb county about littering and also poured efforts into community organizations increase awareness.

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