It's a question we get all the time. "How do I get on the newscast?"

We get calls and emails asking that everyday, and 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet answers that in this week's Get Answers.

Our morning and midday anchor, Kenny Burgamy says the best way to get in touch with us about being on our show is to email us, "That way you can give us all the details and talking points about your organization or event that's coming up."

Lorra Lynch Jones shared what we look for. "We're primarily looking for something maybe the community hasn't heard about before or something that stands out. Where somebody's going to hear it on tv and say wow that's interesting."

"We want to know who, what, when, where and why," says Burgamy.

Make sure to include your phone number and website so that we can get more information out to the public.
The broader the topic, the better.

"We want to grab people let them know about events going on in their community that they can get involved in and feel engaged," explains Jones.

And you've got make it interesting. Burgamy says, "Visual, that's what we're all about in the television business, so we like to show pictures of your event or location."

"If you have props or something that you can show us, something that we can interact with, that's going to be even better." says Jones.

Got a question you need an answer to,send it to us. Just click on the Features dropdown menu on our homepage and select Get Answers.

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