The Masters at Augusta National isn't the only golf tournament going on this weekend.

The one were talking about is a little smaller, with a little less noteriety. However, the General Robert L. Scott Memorial Golf Tournament swings into action Friday, as well.

People from around Central Georgia will remember the man credited with putting the Museum of Aviation on the map and raise a lot of money to keep his legacy going.

As the Museum of Aviation Foundation President, Pat Bartness knows all the stories about General Scott.

Walking through Scott's exhibit at the Museum of Aviation, Bartness said, "These show all the different books he wrote."

Bartness worked with the World War II aviator professionally, saying, "He could go out and talk to people, talk them out of all kinds of money."

It's the personal relationship Bartness had with General Robert L. Scott, he treasures most. Bartness said, "I miss him a lot."

Scott would be 105 years old this Friday. That's the day of his memorial golf tournament. It's set to raise more than $100,000 for the museum he took from a few airplanes, to the second largest Air Force museum in the U.S.

Bartness said, "We would still be one little building over in the corner, but with him here, he inspired the whole Middle Georgia area and beyond."

Scott did far more than help build a museum. He carved out his place in history flying a P-40 Warhawk and logging 33,000 flying hours.

Scott wrote a book, a bestseller, in 3 days. Bartness said, "He ended up in 'Ripleys Believe It or Not' for writing that book in that short of period of time into a dictaphone."

That book, 'God Is My Co-Pilot', became a movie that premiered at Macon's Grand Opera House.

Among his many other memorable moments, he toured the Great Wall of China in his 70's. Bartness commented, "He actually rode a camel."

Scott took an F-15 flight in his 80's, and ran the torch for the 1996 Olympics through Warner Robins.

Bartness said, "He just ran like anybody else well into his 90's."

Scott died at 98 in 2006, but on the golf course every April, his memory lives. It's his birthday, a sport he loved, and he liked that other golf course, too.

Bartness said, "He played at Augusta National one time. Greatest golf course in the world. He broke 80 the only time in his life there, so that's kind of rising to the occasion."

The General Scott tournament is Friday at the Healy Point Country Club in Macon. Tee times are at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

All the money supports the Museum of Aviation Foundation, and the tournament has raised more than a million dollars during the past 15 years.

Call the museum at 478-923-6600 for more information.

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