Moving items around at the Blue Moon Antique Mall is all in a days work. Vintage furniture comes with the territory too. Last year, just as the store was getting its start in Warner Robins, operations manager Dennis Howdeshell picked up items from an estate.

Among those items was an old phone booth that dates back to 1966.

"It was covered in dirt and ants, end pieces and cattywampus... We didn't even know all the parts were there," said Blue Moon owner Cheryl Romich.

Over time Howdeshell was able to bring the vintage item back to life.

"We got the light working in it...the fan working in it. The phone is operational. We (remodeled) the cabinet. We didn't refinish it. We just restored it," said Howdeshell.

Then, Howdeshell and Romich placed an ad on Craigslist to tell the public about their rare find.

" We put it on the Atlanta market thinking it would be a higher priced market. People right now in bars and hotels are beginning to get these phone booths for people to use their cell phones in," explained Howdeshell.

After seeing the listing, "Auction Kings" producers contacted the store, asking them to feature the phone booth on their show. By then, it was already a popular item in the store.

"People started coming in and taking pictures in it and letting their kids take a picture, bringing their grandkids in," said Howdeshell.

Romich added, "It's just something that people my age have never seen, much less younger people and the kids today. It's just something totally different that you see on TV.

Antique lovers will have a chance to see the phone booth on "Auction Kings" Thursday, April 10th. The show will air at 9 p.m.