There's a high speed car chase on repeat.

"All I seen was smoke and that mustang burning rubber," says Nickey Ussery of Macon.

A flash of silver and blue was closely followed by a car with a camera attached to the hood. The tires slammed the pavement and veered into FountainCar Washoff of Hardeman Ave.

"Watching the cars race, oh I love them. If I could be the one in the car, I don't even have to drive, just put me in the passenger's seat. That would excite me even more. That would give me a rush more than anything," says car enthusiast Nikesha Manson.

The filming of 'Need for Speed' drew a big crowd, all waiting for the magic to unfold.

"Iwant to melt. That is basically it. It is like watching a hot guy walking down the street," says Manson.

"I've always wanted to drive like that, if given the opportunity. I'd love to drive like what I just saw. I love it," says Ussery.

"So I scooted around and got to see all the cameras and crew, always making sure to check things out. It was really fun," Laura Whipple Sykes says when she walked by the scene early this morning.

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