'Need for Speed' continued filming in Macon for the second day on Magnolia Street.

Film crews shot a high speed chase filled with speed bumps. They got shots both on the ground and by air.

And a few Central Georgians were able to get a glimpse of one the major stars of the film, Aaron Paul who is also on the AMC show, 'Breaking Bad.'

Some people who live on Magnolia Street were able to catch the action first-hand as film crews captured the action.

Quita Edwards and her sister, Jo Van, run Practice Dynamics and decided to let employees play 'hooky' and watch the filming from their front porch.

"We wanted to have a lazy day a front porch day for them," said Edwards. "We would come and we would watch the filming of the movie."

"Instead of watching on the TV, you are watching it in real life and you can say 'I saw that, I watched that, I was up close and personal'," said Jo Van.

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