Barden Elementary School students and staff gathered after school today for a colorful memorial to former kindergarten student Ta'Miya La'Shae Watson.

The five-year-old little girl died following a school bus accident on Monday.

Watson's mother, aunt, and cousin joined her classmates to release balloons on a bittersweet day dedicated to Ta'Miya.

"[It was a] very special day, we are overwhelmed," said Ta'Miya's aunt, Veronica Watson. "We're happy, somewhat sad, but it was just beautiful. Words can't even describe it."

Barden principal Dr. Jacqueline Jackson explained the significance of sending balloons up for Ta'Miya.

"I heard one little student say, 'All the balloons are gone to Ta'Miya,'" said Jackson. "So we felt like we sent her our love. All 400 balloons were like a kiss from all the students at the school."

Macon police say they're still investigating the accident, but so far they've found no sign of any violations by the Bibb County school bus driver.

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