For a few employees at Pactiv, they arewondering what is next after a fire at the plant Wednesday morning. The Pactivplant suffered major damage in the blaze.

Victoria Terry of Bonaire said that bothshe and her husband work at Pactiv. She works on the production line. When Terrycame to see the damage for herself, she says she was speechless.

"I was totally shocked. I still can'tbelieve it," said Terry. "One minute, we are at work, we are laughing, we have ajob and then the next minute, we don't have I mean our job is in flames."

Another former employee, Connie Taylor saysshe left Pactiv in 1989. She says she had to see it herself.

"I worked there and it's like my baby isgone because you know that's like that's my first job and I worked there solong," said Taylor. "I knew people that worked there people that has come andgone and it's just their livelihood is gone right now, I don't know what theyare going to do."

That's one question that Victoria Terry hasas well.

"We got bills. We got kids. You know, myhusband has other kids to support and stuff like that," said Terry. "I don'tknow what we are going to do. I have no idea."

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