Firefighters spent the day hosing down pounds and pounds of paper inside the Pactiv plant Thursday. This comes after they worked Wednesday to contain the fire that started earlier that morning.

Assistant Fire Chief Shane Edwards said around 20 firefighters were out there most of the day Thursday. The primary responsibility is to target hot spots by drenching clusters of paper with water.

"Paper has a tendency to hold heat. We just, more or less, saturated it and make sure it doesn't flame up," said Captain Phillip Gordon.

"We are just having to work through the barrels of paper. It was a lot of paper from one end of this plant to the other side that was stacked," said Edwards. "Basically, we are not going to get into a hurried job."

Edwards said they are also trying to determine more about the cause of the fire.

"Our fire investigators, we have a team of investigators on the scene," said Edwards. "They are currently still in the investigation mode. They are trying to determine what happened and when it started and where it started."

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