About 50 people will have to file for unemployment after a fire destroyed much of the south Bibb County Pactiv factory yesterday.

Those temporary employees, hired by Resource, an employment services agency, met at the Department of Labor Thursday.Some of them told 13WMAZ's Katelyn Heck they will file for group unemployment while Resource helps them find other jobs.

Erica Talley with the Department of Labor says, "With that particular staffing agency, they had a recruiter in house, actually on-site at Pactiv and their actual office was destroyed."

Those 50 employees are in addition to the 240 Pactiv workers affected by the fire.

Talley says a Pactiv representative plans to come to Bibb in the next few days to meet with employees and develop a plan.

"The sense that I got is that they are very eager to assist their employees and trying to find out what services we can potentially provide to them," says Talley.

The Pactiv workers will continue getting paid until further notice, according to Fred Mooney the company's operation manager.

That means they can't apply for unemployment, but Talley says they have other ways to help.

""We can help them with preparing a resume. We can provide information on training and education programs, short-term and long-term," she says.

Talley says she won't have more information until she meets with the Pactiv representative in the next few days.

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