For the first time, 'Cirque du Soleil' will be making a stop in Macon.

Unlike other circuses, Cirque du Soleil creates a storyline, including acrobatics, elaborate costumes, and music in a made-up language. The performance tells the story of a little girl who travels to the imaginary world of Quidam.

"Well, with Cirque du Soleil what we do is have an invented language that really sounds exotic and foreign to anyone," says publicist Jessica LeBoeuf. "So it sounds a little bit sometimes like French, Italian, like German, it's just phonetics that just sound beautiful and tell the story that you want to hear."

We caught up with one acrobat who spins on a wheel called the "Cyr Wheel." He says when they travel town to town, they don't have much time outside training to visit the cities they're in, but says he's noticed the Southern hospitality in Macon.

"We don't really get to meet a lot of people, actually. That's a shame, but the one thing that came to my mind is the accent. I think so far since we got here actually, I feel like the accent is different," says performer Ghislain Ramage from France.

Quidam will be showing at the Macon Centerplex from May 3rd to May 5th.

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