Congressman Jack Kingston visited Macon Friday morning, after announcing that he would run for senate on Wednesday.

Kingston, a Savannah native, is the latest to announce he will be running to fill Saxby Chambliss' vacant senate seat.

He touched on several topics, including forced budget cuts.

"Sequestration is not the best way to cut the budget, and my heart goes out to anyone who's been furloughed by it," said Kingston. "Right now we have to cut the budget and sequestration is the only game in town. I believe that we should that we should give the military and the other agencies that are involved with homeland security flexibility, so they can do what's best to make sure our national security is not threatened. But I am a firm believer in cutting the budget."

On April 17th of this year, the U.S. Senate denied a proposed expansion of background checks on gun purchases.Kingston also offered his opinion on the gun control debate.

"The concern we've had about the senate gun control legislation is that it seems far more designed to register guns and confiscate guns, rather than stop the tragedies that we've had at Sandy Hook. What I think it missing from this debate is mental health. Because the people that go in and shoot unarmed citizens, usually have a mental problem, and it's not a fault of the gun."

Chambliss' term will end in January 2015.

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