Today 1400 students got their degrees from Middle Georgia State College. And if that school's name doesn't ring a bell, don't be surprised.

That's because Macon State College and Middle Georgia merged back in January to form that new college.Parents, families and friends filled the Macon Coliseum for the new schools first commencement.

Danielle Rojas, 22, earned her Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology. She said the school put her on the track for success.

"I had a friends dad who worked at the base in the logistics center.. And I went to work with him one day and really liked what he did." said Rojas."

"I said ok what do I need to go to school for to be able to do this? And so he told me and I actually did get a job on base recently so it's just icing on the cake."

Rojas says she plans on earning a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Middle Georgia State College has campuses in Macon, Cochran, Dublin, Eastman and Warner Robins.

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