Green beans, mac and cheese, corn, and other canned goods make up some of our favorite meals. While those are being prepared, every day, there are millions of Americans who go without and face hunger.

Saturday, letter carriers across the nation will work to Stamp out Hunger and you can help.

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive will support the organization, Feeding America, and more than 50 million people.

Last year the drive collected more than 70 million pounds of food. Items collected this year will go to the Middle Georgia Food bank and the Salvation Army.

" It's a good feeling and they don't mind doing this but the carriers participate as well, like helping put the bags in the boxes and trying to collect the food on that day," says local coordinator Joyce Dean.

Saturday, letter carriers will pick up non-perishable foods on their routes.

If you would like to help; you can leave your donations in a bag beside your mailbox. Or, you could drop items off at the post office on Zebulon Road or Rocky Creek Road in Macon.

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