Just weeks before the school year ends some students were able to learn about the NASA space program.

The Museum of Aviation's National STEM Academy held Young Astronaut's Day for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.

More than 300 students attended and participated in18 workshops. The workshops allowed students to complete astronaut training activities, such as building model rockets and airplanes.

There were displays, like the U2 pilot suit and tube food. Thedisplay showedstudents how astronauts survive in outer space.

"We learned how you can pressurize any kind of liquid and it can get really hard," explained 5th grader Rahel Kefetew.

Director of Education at the Museum of Aviation, Melissa Spalding, says, "We want these children to grow up learning to love and be interested in STEM subjects so they'll want to fill thoseSTEM careers that are available here in our state of Georgia."

The STEM academy will offer summer programs throughout the month of June. In July, they'll hold their annual Georgia STEM Day.

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