(ATHENS, Ga.) -- Two former University of Georgia athletes are charged with armed robbery, loitering and prowling.

Demario Mayfield, 22, a former basketball player who played one season before transferring to a college in Charlotte, N.C.; and Ricardo Crawford, 25, a former defensive lineman for the football team, were charged after they were stopped at about 2:30 a.m. Monday in a neighborhood of mostly UGA students.

Police said the men were driving in a suspicious manner and were found in possession of "armed robbery gear," according to the Athens Banner-Herald. A police report said the arrests were made in an area of Athens where officers knew most students were out of town.

An officer confronted Mayfield, who was driving, and saw a clown mask on the floorboard, a furry hat on the seat and a handgun tucked in the man's crotch.

A second handgun was found on the floor near the passenger along with a dust mask and latex gloves.


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