Another person seeking to qualify for the Mayor's race in Warner Robins credits his experience to public service.

Public works director, Joe Musselwhite, announced his candidacy this afternoon.

Musselwhite has worked with the city for 21 years. He says he started in code enforcement and got involved with the public works department in 1994.

If he becomes mayor, Musselwhite sayshe will make his availability to the citizens a top priority.

"I assure you when issues come up I'll be there to talk about them, defend them, and take up for you and yours and support the ones I like and not support the ones I don't,"he said.

Others who have entered the race are clergyman and former firefighter Randy Toms, businessman Chuck Chalk, city councilman Mike Brashear, and city councilman Daron Lee.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen has not said if he'll seek a second term.

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