In an emergency, several law enforcement agencies and medical staff all have to work together.

Thursday,many gathered in Macon to test their skills by simulating a bomb explosion at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

"These exercises are very important," says emergency management coordinator Daniel Strandburg. "They're a requirement for a lot of agencies, but it gives the opportunity for municipalities, organizations, and agencies to collaborate, work together, and work on a seamless response to a mass casualty incident."

Over a hundred volunteers acted as victims of the fake blast, making the scenario more realistic for police, firefighters, and EMS. Evaluators watched their every move and will give them their critiques over the next week.

"You're going to have issues, and that's the whole point of this. You want to identify your capabilities and limitations," says Strandburg.

Some of the volunteers, like 15-year-old Kenique Smith, say seeing the drill unfold will make them feel safer if an actual emergency ever happens.

"I think this is important after the Boston Marathon, so hospitals can be prepared if something like that happens in Macon," says Smith.

The explosion scenario doesn't just prepare agencies for terroristic threats.

"We have a lot of industry here. We have an interstate system, railway system. Explosions can happen, and they have happened," explains Strandburg.

To complete the drill, crews rushed victims to four hospitals, where docors and nurses tested their resources.

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