For many kids, the countdown to summer camp means fun in the sun, but for the kids at the 'United in Pink' Summer Day Camp in North Macon at the Forest Hills United Methodist Church, this family-themed camp goes way beyond playtime for best friends Branden Glover and Cayden Pugh.

It's a place where children of breast cancer survivors unite, whether it's through nutrition seminars, arts and crafts, or physical activity.

Cayden says, "It means a lot to me because my mom had breast cancer."

For one week in June, Branden and Cayden attend this empowerment program.

"When I first came, I didn't know anybody. My friend Brandon, we're in the same class. He's been here ever since I came here," says Cayden.

Dr. Bowden Templeton is the camp's clinical director. He said, "It strikes me as hard for words, but it's invaluable. Many of them have said over the years they didn't even know what they're saying, but just how meaningful (the camp is)."

It's that constant presence, a friendship, and a bond you might say is unshakeable and unstoppable for these two best friends.

Templeton says,"Breast cancer brings them together, but it's so much more than that. It transcends that. Cancer, in general, illness affects everyone. It affects the family as a whole in addition the family as individuals."

And as Cayden states, family and a little faith help him get him through the tough times. "It made me learn about God more."

He's a young man of few words with a big message.

"Friends got your back."

This summer's camp runs through Friday.

The program operates solely on volunteers and donations. You can help by calling 478-254-5247.

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