Ozie Haralson and hiswife Jane have owned their Napier Avenue rental home since 1984. Now they say the road behind their home is littered with debris and that the county needs to do something about it.

"The road has been left to where it's completely overgrown, there's debris everywhere and it's being used as a dumping ground," said Haralson.

But according to Bill Causey with the Bibb County Engineering Department, the land behind this home is controlled by the homeowners on each side, even though it's not within their property lines. He said it was designed like this in the 1900s allowing homeowners access to the back of their property.

"If the alley were open, let's say it was open and the lot owners were using it. One guy decided on his end he was gonna put a fence up. He couldn't do that. It's there to be used jointly by the people that own property that touch it," said Causey.

He said it's complicated and they receive lots of calls about similar issues. He tries to explain to people that alleyways like this weren't intended for public use.

"If you live here, you really don't want the public coming through here, you don't really want this to be a public way because that brings problems," said Causey.

Haralson says he was never informed of this and has contacted the city and county but hasn't heard back.He said it's not right that homeowners are left to solve this issue.

Causey added that nobody pays taxes on the land.

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